Nakia Gray

Hi, I’m Nakia.

Intellectual Property Attorney. Business Strategist. Success Coach for Attorneys.


How Can I Help You?

I am an entrepreneur and I need help protecting my brand.

A brand that’s not fully protected leaves itself open for all kinds of legal issues like claims of infringement, failed trademark registrations, missed opportunities for expansion, licensing problems, etc. And all of these issues end up costing businesses revenue and brand loyalty. #notawin

As an intellectual property attorney, I provide the best solutions for entrepreneurs who want to be fully protected wherever they are in their business journey.

Locked & Lawyered

I am looking for DIY legal solutions.

like customizable contracts and agreements and courses I can take to protect my business.

If you’re a DIY-er at heart and you want to give it a go with your contracts, agreements, and policies, head over to our shop and grab what you need. Everything in there is instant, downloadable, and tweakable – the perfect solution when you’re in a hurry and don’t mind working from a template.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out our courses, products, and legal subscription options.

Locked & Lawyered
Beyond the Bar Institute

I am a lawyer and I need to grow my law practice

(with clients I actually enjoy working with).

As lawyers, we know all too well the demands of running a successful practice – the time commitment, the expectations, the endless sacrifice – and we’re over it all. We want more out of life than courtrooms, blue suits, and billable hours.

At Beyond the Bar Institute, we’re over it, too. That’s why we’ve created a space for attorneys who are tired of lawyering in the traditional sense and are ready to figure out how to stand out in their practice area, serve more clients, and boost their bottom line.

Media and Speaking

I would like to book you to speak at my event or on my podcast.

You’ve got an event, podcast, or program coming up and you’re looking for an intellectual property attorney and business strategist to train, educate, and inspire your audience.

To learn more about the topics I cover and where I’ve already been featured, visit the page below.

Media and Speaking
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