My Brands

As the Founder & Managing Attorney of Gray Legal, P.C., I oversee a group of smart, innovative professionals who not only see my vision, but have completely aligned with my mission to create a progressive law firm that challenges the way practicing law has “always been done.”  We provide cutting-edge legal solutions to modern businesses and families. To learn more about Gray Legal P.C., click here >>

In 2014, I created Beyond the Bar Institute (“BTBI’). BTBI is a “business school” for modern attorneys.  I host in person and online workshops and trainings where attorneys can get branding, business, and marketing tools to build a successful law practice that they are head over heels in love with. What I know for sure is that the practice of law is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of sitting and waiting for the phone to ring.  Modern-day law practice requires us to think like a brand and not like a lawyer. To learn more about BTBI click here >>

Through my live workshops, courses, and other info products, I enjoy teaching entrepreneurs how to run your biz and also get some sleep at night, knowing that all of your hard work is not only profitable, but protected.  To learn more about upcoming workshops for creative entrepreneurs designed to show you how to plan, launch and grow your dream business, join my email list to get notified of upcoming events.

Results that speak for themselves…

Nakia really is the best at what she does and has the experience and know-how to get it all done! I especially liked how thorough, to the point, and direct she was. I would absolutely recommend her because her expertise, customer services, and personality make her a pleasure to work with!

Dashirl D.

I sought Nakia’s services to better understand how the copyright process works. She taught me the importance of protecting myself. If you are looking for an attorney who will explain things in a way that you can understand, Nakia Gray is the person to talk to!

Janell J.

With over 15 years of business experience, a Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law, a master’s in Strategic Communication, and a bachelor’s in marketing (whew! Clearly, I love to learn!), I’ve got all the bells, whistles, and receipts you need to brand and market your business like a rockstar!  To learn more about how I can help you build your business, click here.

Looking for a speaker to captivate your audience? As a highly sought after speaker, I have appeared on numerous podcasts, legal panels, and conference stages, sharing insights on a variety of topics including branding and marketing strategy, intellectual property protection, digital entrepreneurship, modern lawyering, and broader issues in entertainment and business law.  To learn more about booking me as a speaker click here

Results that speak for themselves…

Nakia eased my anxiety by clearly communicating and being willing to not only provide legal services but to educate me on the law and my rights. She is very professional and truly cares about her clients. She exceeded my expectations! Nakia is the best choice to get your business matters in order. If you want the job done right hire Nakia!

Monica P.

Before I started working with Nakia I used to think, “Oh I can wait to get my legal stuff set up. Nothing bad will happen to me.” She showed me how important it is to situate your business, helped me set up the terms of my website, and made the whole process really easy, and headache-free. She’s so easy to talk to, AND she doesn’t speak to you in “legalese.” I highly recommend her!

Megan S.

Fun Facts

  • I’m a middle child (a blessing and a curse)
  • I was born and raised in Washington, D.C.
  • I tried to drop out of law school after my 1L year but God wouldn’t let me (long story for another day)
  • My birthday is November 29 (Sags Rock!)
  • Beyonce is my BFF (no really…she is, but she just doesn’t know it)
  • My ultimate job is being a loving Wife and Mother to my two beautiful children.

For Nakia’s official bio (complete with all of education, professional accomplishments, and all that jazz), click here.