If you’re anything like me, you are super, DUPER excited that Spring is finally here!! Although Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo yet, Spring officially began last week.
Spring is the perfect time to review your goals and get a fresh outlook on what’s next.

Now is the time to review and reflect on what needs to be changed in your life.

  • What’s bothering you?
  • Is there something or someone draining all of your energy?
  • What do you need to let go of?

Let’s stop procrastinating and get those tasks done and off our to-do lists!

7 Steps to “Spring Clean” Your Life:

1. Take Inventory.
First start by writing down what’s bothering you: a nagging boss, annoying co-workers, negative friends? The first step is to assess everything that is frustrating you.

2. Identify Daily Success Habits.
What IS working? Sometimes we get so lost in what’s NOT working, we forget to pat ourselves on the back for what is actually working. Maybe your kids are finally making their beds each morning. Or perhaps your spouse is helping out around the house. Acknowledging what is going well will support you in your goals to make your life even better.

3. Let go.
Whatever is draining your energy has got to go! Make a nonnegotiable decision today to get rid of people who suck your energy. YOU are your top priority so start acting like it!

4. Detox.
Now, if the person draining your energy is a person that you can’t just cut out of your life cold turkey (i.e. your mom, spouse, kids, etc.) you can at least begin to detox that relationship by reducing the time you spend with those people who drain you. You can also find ways to boost relationships with those who support you.

5. Just do it.
Do you have tasks that have been lingering for days, weeks, even months? Stop procrastinating and just do it! Step-by-step and one-by-one you can start checking off that to-do list by committing to do one thing each day. As you see your progress, you will be motivated to keep going.

6. Your 3-Month Vision.
Now that you’ve done your spring clean, you need to know what you’re working towards. Revisit your 2014 goals and evaluate your progress. Create a 3-Month Vision to determine what the next three months must look like to keep you on track to make your goals for the year.

7. Identify Your “Spring Clean” goals.
Pick three goals to get started. If you’re up for a challenge, set five goals! For each goal, set daily action steps to achieve those goals.