You know that NOW is the time for you to finally start that business, but… you haven’t quite made that leap yet. 

What’s stopping you? 

Maybe you have idea overload and can’t figure out whether your bright idea will actually lead to money in the bank…

Or, maybe you know your idea is solid, but you don’t know how to make your business stand out when there are already so many other businesses out there that provide similar products and services...

Or, maybe you’re just freakin’ scared! Scared that you will start this business and no one will care. Scared that no one will buy what you’re selling and you’ll be a big fat failure!

All you need is the formula.

The reason why so many entrepreneurs fail is because they don’t have the road map to success. They think they can just pick a cute logo, get a domain and business cards, and post “buy my stuff” on Instagram, and that will be enough to make money. 


In this FREE training, I am going to share with you the 7 key steps to creating a bankable business so that when you launch your business, you don’t launch to crickets instead of sales. 

That’s right. By the end of this 7-day challenge, you will have your road map to success and the confidence you need to launch like a BOSS! 


7 Bite-Sized Video Training & Action-Packed Worksheets

Recordings of Facebook Live Accountability Sessions

Plus a FREE Digital Copy of Becoming a Boss Action Planner!


  • How to develop a brand that stands out
  • How to find your perfect audience (people that are lined up to buy what you’re selling)
  • How to create the products and services that people will rush to pay you for
  • The best marketing strategies so you can market like a rock star!
  • A formula for repeat success (once you get the road map, you will do these exact steps to introduce new products and services to grow your business).

Your bankable business is just a click away. Join us on this 7-day #BOSSUPCHALLENGE and let's turn your dreams into reality!