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Let’s take a deep dive into your business. This one-on-one private support is for action-takers who want to achieve their business goals. Make major headway in a specific area of your business with a full, or half-day intensive. Intensives with Nakia Gray are the ‘full solution’ approach to building, launching and growing your business, so that you can compete at any level. With solid direction, a plan of attack, and easy actionable steps that will take you from business overwhelm to being clear and focused about your goals, what could be possible for your business? Discover the tips, tactics and strategies that successful entrepreneurs utilize to make your first {or next} six figures – with my signature no-BS, ‘no dream is too big’ approach.

Half-Day Intensive

Full-Day Intensive

Brand Strategy Intensive

Shorten the learning curve and reduce the costly mistakes many entrepreneurs experience when launching their businesses.

As an attorney and business consultant with my own online law firm, I built my practice from the ground up.  I refuse to believe those who tell entrepreneurs not to expect to turn a profit in the first year. Not only did I make six-figures within my first year of starting my business, but I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same with their businesses.

Now it’s your turn.

With a background in marketing, strategic communication and intellectual property law, I have the perfect blend of brand and legal strategy to help you stand out and kill it in your industry.

During our time together, I will personally walk you step-by-step through exactly how to plan, launch & grow your dream business. I’ll share exactly what I did in my own business to go from zero to six-figures in year 1 – and how to take your specific business to the next level, and beyond.

Taking the time to lay this foundation will make a world of difference to your business.

Give your business the time it deserves. Reserve your full, or half-day Brand Strategy Intensive today.

Legal Strategy Intensive

Build your business on a solid foundation. Legal protections secure the viability and sustainability of your business – and form the backbone of every savvy business owner.

Nakia Gray’s legal strategy intensive will make sure your business is protected. Whether you’re interested in entity formation, trademarks, copyrights, or contracts… As an experienced attorney, Nakia will help you set up the appropriate legal security for your business, giving you complete peace-of-mind.

Make sure you’re protected where it counts. Select the full day option to cover two of the focus areas, or the half day option to fully cover one of the below focus areas:

  • Entity Formation
  • Trademark or Copyright Application
  • Contracts

“Do it!!! Sign up now. You will not be disappointed. The information, support and encouragement you will receive is priceless.”

M. Lockard

Family Law Attorney

A wonderful opportunity to learn more about what works, your special sauce, how planning makes you more successful and how to make passive income.”

R. Francois

Civil Litigation Attorney

Coaching Sessions

Not quite ready for a full intensive?

Opt for one, or a bundle, of my business & legal coaching sessions – bite-size ‘minis’, that focus on specific aspects covered in the full intensives. Each ‘mini’ is designed to give you the business, branding, and legal strategies you need to really kill it in business.

Maximum impact. Minimal time commitment. Major business bang for your buck!

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Cultivating a Successful Mindset

Cultivating a Successful Mindset | Mental Shifts to Success

With so many self-improvement and life-coaching books and podcasts available these days, it’s hard to choose which one to suit you, and then spend the time to read, study and memorize the lessons.

Cut through the noise and let’s take a hard look at what the mental roadblocks are for you and for your business. With just a few slight mental shifts, you can make major business leaps.

Expect to be ready to:

  • Push yourself beyond your comfort zone, without fear.
  • Reduce the mental clutter and idea overload.
  • Build strong focus and the ability to mentally prioritize tasks with the most profit potential.
  • Kick procrastination to the curb , foster enthusiasm to put in the time and do the work to reach your goals.
  • Develop the daily habits and discover the productivity hacks of the most successful entrepreneurs.
Create Your Brand Identity

Create Your Brand Identity | Get ‘On Brand’

Let’s get super clear on who you are, who you serve, and how you serve them.

Positioning – Not just for new businesses, existing business owners can also benefit from tightening up their brand so that you’re always on-message – identifiable, recognized as an established brand.

Look forward to being able to:

  • Confidently articulate your brand message and business vision.
  • Create a distinctive brand that is authentically you.
  • Pinpoint your business niche.
  • Focus in on the specifics of what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it better than the competition.
  • Identify your ‘secret sauce’ that sets your business apart.
  • Finesse your concise ‘elevator pitch’.
How and What to Sell

How and What to Sell | Your Product/Service, and How to Sell It

Repeat business is easier to get than new business. Identify your target market and exactly what products/services they’re looking for. Most importantly, learn how to keep your happy customers coming back for more.

Discover how to maximize your profit potential, with minimal effort.

  • Create your avatar, so you know exactly who your customer is and how to reach them.
  • Identify the products and services that your customers want to buy.
  • Design service packages, product bundles, or sales funnels that keep your customers coming back to you again, and again.
  • Know your worth. Know what to charge, and the secrets of pricing structure.
  • Position your business to capitalize on the power of passive income.
Get Customers Beating a Path to Your Door

Get Customers Beating a Path to Your Door | Get the Clients You Want

Clients and customers are the lifeblood of your business. Let me help you identify who the best ones are, where they are, and how to attract them to spend with you.

Expect to:

  • Develop strategies to attract customers to your business. More carrot than stick!
  • Discover the power of referrals, and put it to work for you.
  • Pinpoint your target market. Create your avatar, so that you can stop ‘blanket’ marketing.
  • Funnel marketing resources to activities that have maximum impact.
  • Understand how copy works, and how to source great copy that sells your business.

Pair this session with the Get On Brand session for best results.

Your Online Presence

Your Online Presence | Launch Your Business Online – Go Viral!

Your website and social media presence are the potential global face of your business. Harness the power of the internet and let’s make sure your online presence is making you money while you sleep.

With this session, you’ll:

  • Understand which social media platforms best suit your business, and how to create a buzz on each.
  • Clarify the goals of your website.
  • Optimize your online presence and accessibility across PC, laptop and mobile devices.
  • Use SEO-savvy to boost the visibility of your site.
  • Discover how online content can boost your business – podcasts, blog posts, video…
Ready, Steady, GROW

Ready, Steady, GROW | Scalibility Session

Every global multinational started from a small base. Discover the key elements to scaling your business, as well as the obstacles to growth. Scalability, without burnout, means working smarter, not harder.

Let’s look at:

  • Key personnel – their value, roles and how they can grow with, and support your business.
  • Outline and implement a step-by-step 6-month action plan for your business growth.
  • Get your legal ducks in a row. Protect and leverage your intellectual property.
  • Balance – how to keep happy and sane while your business shifts gears.
  • Determine the elements that are essential to growth in your business and how to get them in place.
Template Review Session

Template Review Session

Discover over a dozen easily accessible templates right here in the Contract Template shop. Each of my attorney-drafted, fill-in-the blank templates.  The selection of ‘bulletproof’ templates cover everything from Non Disclosure Agreements to Terms of Use.

Relax and get complete peace-of-mind with a legal review of your completed template.  As a qualified attorney, I’m happy to personally review and offer business-specific advice on any template purchased from my digital shop.

Book my 30 minute review session (up to 3 templates) – $150 >>

Book my 60 minute review session (3-5 templates) – $300 >>

Book 1 Session

Book a Bundle of 3 Sessions

“Her guidance has led many–including myself–to find great success doing the work we love!”

S. Thompson

Immigration Attorney

“She helped me get clear and focused and figure out exactly how to use my experience, passion, and expertise to make a profit. I highly recommend her for new entrepreneurs.”

Shenora, S.

HR Specialist

I can’t even imagine where I would be without her … help with figuring out what kind of business I should be starting. I was all over the place before we started and now I have a legit business and a waiting list of clients and it’s only been 6 months.

Kim. W

Branding Coach