Copyrights & Trademarks


Registering your creative work with the U.S. Copyright Office makes it easier to fight infringement and gives you the opportunity to collect more money from infringers who copy or steal your work. We register copyrights on behalf of songwriters, music composers, authors, and other creative artists and entrepreneurs. We also help you protect your creative work from infringement through cease and desist letters, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notices, and by drafting and negotiating solid licensing deals.


Your customers know you by your brand. So, protecting your brand with a registered trademark is essential to your success.  Operating without a registered trademark makes it easier for other businesses to infringe on your brand (translation: confuse your customers and take your profits). We help you identify which elements of your brand are worthy of trademark protection: brand names, business names, logos, taglines, or product names.  We then conduct a search to make sure your chosen elements are free and clear to use and draft and file your application.

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