Wanna make sure you’re on the right track to building a business that’s profitable AND protected?

Download this lawyer-drafted checklist to evaluate where you are so you know what you need to do next.

Client Coaching Agreement Checklist

If you are a coach and you’ve been wondering what should be included in your client coaching agreement to protect you, your business and your profits, download this FREE Coaching Agreement Checklist that includes EVERYTHING you to include in your coaching agreement to make sure you get paid and that you are protected.

This checklist has all the answers to these important questions and challenges every coach faces:

  • Make sure your coaching business is protected
  • How to protect yourself against chargebacks
  • Prevent your content from being stolen

5 steps to building a killer brand

If you know you need to get your legal ducks in a row, but you have no idea where to start, download this quick ‘n dirty cheat sheet to find out what you really need to know to build and protect your business and your brand.

This guide is designed to:

  • Give you the key ingredients to building a solid brand
  • Show you the steps you need to take to protect your brand
  • Explain the different types of intellectual property
  • Help you understand the role your intellectual property plays in establishing your brand

21 Ways to Find Your First Clients

Use this as your guide to help you get out of the overwhelm on how to find your first clients. These proven ways will show you that finding a steady stream of clients isn’t as hard as you thought!

Trademark Cheat Sheet

You’ve put a lot of time and sweat equity into building your brand. Download your free Trademarks cheat sheet to learn what every entrepreneur needs to know about Trademarks to protect their business and brand.

Barter/Exchange Agreement Checklist

When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, exchanging your products or services for those of another entrepreneur can be a pretty vital means of building your business. But, just because there’s no money changing hands, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it seriously and put the deal in writing. This checklist of what you need to consider and put in your written agreement will help you avoid awkward moments (and potentially ruined relationships) if things don’t go as planned.