Nearly 70% of Americans do not have a will. Why? Many people think that having a will or an estate plan is only for the rich. Contrary to what many think, having an estate plan is primarily about making sure your legacy is what you want it to be, and not leaving it up to a Judge who doesn’t even know you.

Now there are other considerations like taxes, naming a guardian for your minor children, and naming who you want to oversee all of your affairs.But for the most part, proper estate planning can save your family unnecessary headaches because you have taken the time to get your affairs in order.

We understand that often times you simply may not know or understand where to start or how all of this. As estate planning attorneys, we work with our clients to help them understand and discuss the following issues:

  • Misconceptions about Wills, Probate and Living Trusts;
  • How to minimize financial and emotional burdens on your family;
  • How to maintain control of your assets at all times;
  • How to keep your affairs private and out of the courts;
  • How to avoid probate;
  • How to make provisions for children/grandchildren;
  • How to take care of your children in case you pass while they are still a minor;
  • How to reduce or eliminate estate taxes;
  • How to ensure that your medical and financial wishes are honored in the event you are unable to make decisions for yourself;
  • How to leave a gift to your church or favorite charity