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Entertainment Law

If you ask anyone who has managed to achieve any level of success in the entertainment industry how they were able to do it, they would most likely say that they carefully selected a team of advisors who understood their goals and strategically helped them to achieve those goals.

What you need is a legal advisor to help you manage your brand, protect your intellectual property, and leverage your creative work to make sure that you not only become successful, but that you stay successful.


Business Law

You’ve managed to turn your passion to profit and life is sweet!

Except there are all of these legal issues that you know you need to handle and you’re totally overwhelmed. You need an attorney who specializes in working with entrepreneurs.
That’s where we come in.

Packages & Programs

As a modern law firm, we pride ourselves on being different from traditional law firms.

We’ve created all-inclusive packages to deliver ultimate value to meet the needs of our clients.


Your brilliant work deserves legal protection.

Creating awesome content is at the heart of most creative businesses. Whether you’re an author, writer, producer, or performing artist, your business and livelihood is centered around your original creative works.

Whether you’ve written books, created digital courses, or produced slamming beats and dope lyrics, we know you’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into creating your content. We’re here to help you protect it.

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Every estate is planned – either by you or the Government.

A well thought out estate plan ensures that your plans for your medical care, guardianship for minor children, and management and distribution of your assets will be carried out according to your wishes.

If you don’t have a plan, you are leaving your legacy up to the Government to decide.


Trademarks are essential to building a strong brand.

Registering your trademark gives you ultimate legal protection.

From logos, to taglines, to signature programs, we can help you navigate the world of trademark registration and vigorously go after anyone who infringes on your trademark rights.

Let us show you how to use trademarks to create a strong brand.

Build Your Online Business

Having an online business and selling products and services on the internet has proven to be a very lucrative business model for many small business owners.

As an online business ourselves know first hand the unique legal issues that arise with doing business on the internet.

We help clients who are running online businesses maximize growth and minimize exposure by providing counsel in the areas of intellectual property protection, FTC compliance, and online advertising compliance.