Online Entrepreneur Whole Shebang Bundle


This bundle is the full kit and kaboodle for the online business owner.

You get:

  • Website Terms – sets out how you expect visitors to your blog to behave, and the behavior they can expect from you
  • Privacy Policy – tells your customers how you keep their information private
  • Disclaimers – protects you from liability for the things you share or any advice you may give
  • Terms and conditions for digital products – if you sell digital products, this sets out how you get paid for them, your refund policy, how purchasers can use your products, and more
  • Content License – allows others to pay you to use your content on your terms.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – if you’re thinking of entering into a partnership, hiring an employee, consultant, or contractor, this will establish and protect your confidential information.
  • Event Liability Waiver – this agreement protects against intellectual property theft, physical property damage, claims for personal injury, unexpected cancellations, and more for your live event.
  • Affiliate Agreement – this agreement protects you and your affiliates by establishing how your affiliates can use your name/logo, etc., how commissions are determined, calculated, and paid plus how the affiliate relationship can be terminated, and more.