(or you can do this now if you’ve already launched your business)

Starting a business is so exciting and having the guts to jump into the sea of entrepreneurship is amazeballs.

Choosing the name of your business is muy importante because if you don’t do it right at the beginning, it can cost you tons of money and heartache in the long run.

Here are 3 steps you should take before selecting your business name.  (If you didn’t do this when you started, it’s ok, do it now).

First, you should hire an attorney to do a trademark search to make sure the name is available. You can do this on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website yourself if you don’t want to hire an attorney.  Included in this step, you should also do a google search to see if there is anyone doing business under your name or with a similar name.

Second, you should do a domain search to make sure the domain is available right away.  Even if you don’t plan to design your website right away, you should secure your domain. Wouldn’t it suck if you selected a name but then you weren’t even able to secure the domain for your website?

Third, you should definitely register your business name as a trademark (your domain too while you’re at it).  If you don’t register your business name right away, someone may beat you to the punch and then you’re screwed because they would actually own the trademark, not you.

Make registering your business name a priority and don’t get stuck having to come up with a a new name and rebrand down the line, because that sucks big time.