There are a lot of business coaches and mentors out there on the world wide web. Every single one claims to be the top expert in their field and promises you “STUNNING RESULTS!” in 30 days or less.

Being in business myself, I advocate hiring a business coach! Some of them do help new entrepreneurs. Yet, when problems arise for you, what do you do?

Three important steps you should take before throwing your money at someone!

  1. Check their track record. You don’t buy something off Amazon before reading the reviews, do you? Look for testimonials first! Happy clients are also more than delighted to share their success stories.
  2. Make sure their industry aligns with yours! There is no “one size fits all” in business. You shouldn’t hire a health coach if you’re trying to sell branding! Each type of industry has different types of clients or customers. What works for one may not work for the other!
  3. What’s their message? I know how easy it is to fall for the hype. You see someone rolling around in a pile of $100 bills on a beach somewhere exoctic 30 days after joining the program. That’s what you want and that’s the point! Scare tactics are another way people fall victim. Just because that daily email says this deal is ending soon doesn’t mean it is!

You’ve done your research and you still feel burned. What now?

Before you login to PayPal and file a claim, talk to the person! There could be many reasons why what worked for other clients isn’t working for you. Most legitimate coaches want to see you succeed. Also — ask them for a refund. If you’ve done your research before buying into their program, you should be dealing with someone who cares about their reputation.

A few other things to consider before asking for a refund or filing a claim:

  1. Does their agreement or website state “NO REFUNDS” anywhere?
  2. Were you doing your part? It’s not their fault if you weren’t showing up for phone calls and meetings!
  3. DO NOT buy into their lifestyle! You can’t compare where you are in your business to where a happy and successful client is in theirs and expect the same results. They could have had a bigger budget for things like ads or other team members!

Have realistic expectations!

When investing in your business, it takes a lot of trial and error. You can do all the research in the world and still not be a good fit with someone. Sometimes you have to chalk it up as a loss and move on!

The most you can do is your part. It’s a long and slow process! There’s no such thing as an “overnight success” or a way to “get rich quick”.

Keep working hard and the money WILL come!