Trademarks over the last couple of years have become very popular, even for small business owners. Whether you are an artist, an author, whether you are in the beauty industry, fashion industry, online business, local businesses, wherever, everyone understand the importance of building a brand.

We are not just in business doing whatever we want to do.

We all hear that about a brand, a brand. What’s your brand? What do you stand for? Who are you?

Trademarks are what we use to actually distinguish ourselves in the marketplace. How will people know what your brand is? More importantly, how can you make sure that your brand remains unique, only to you, so that when people see the name of that program, or the name of that event, or the name on that product, that they know that it’s yours, and it’s not a bunch of copycats out here?

That is what a trademark is.

What can be trademarked?

A trademark can be a:

  • Word
  • logo
  • business name
  • brand name
  • service name
  • product  name

Here are a couple of examples of Trademarks of brands we all know and love.

McDonald’s. When we see those golden arches, we already know what it is. We don’t even have to see the word, “McDonald’s” to know that that’s what it is for.

Just Do It. When we see those words, just like the Nike swoop sign, we know that, that’s Nike. So, if we see a product that has that swoop sign on it, or that says, “Just Do It” we automatically know, oh, that must be Nike, right?

Here’s the thing. As small business owners, you don’t have to be a Nike, or an Amazon, or a Google, or Starbucks, in order to have an identifiable brand. I represent lots of clients who are creative. People that are on the internet, which gives all of us the instant power to be a worldwide brand. If you have an online business, you are instantly available. You’re international, because someone from every single country can have access to your products, or your services, because they’re delivered online.

As online businesses have grown, so has the need for us to get trademarks, and to protect them.

“I’m just a small business owner. Why do I need one?”

When you understand the power of trademarks, it’s a really big thing. So, even if you are a small business owner, you definitely want to understand trademarks, and how we use them.