If you’re in business, you know that when it comes to getting new clients and establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, content is king {or queen}. Good content makes your website a destination spot — your customers devour your blog posts, hang on every word in your videos, eagerly click to read your newsletters, and eventually, buy what you’re selling. In short: your content is valuable stuff, so protecting it needs to be a priority.

There are lots of different layers for protecting your content in different contexts, but there is one super simple tool to you can use to protect your content that goes a long way and is pretty simple to put in place. That tool is (drumroll please…) your website Terms and Conditions (also known as Terms of Use or Terms of Service).

Your website Terms are actually kind of amazing and can protect you from all kinds of internet nonsense, but one of their most important functions is to protect the content that you create and share online. (To recap, why is it important to protect your content? Because it makes you money!)

What kind of content are we talking about here?

Well basically anything that you create (or hire someone to create) that you share on your website, via your newsletter, or as a product or service. This includes blog posts (like this little nugget that you’re reading now), videos, checklists, worksheets, audio files, newsletters, photos, graphics…and the list goes on.

So, how do your Terms protect that content?

A well-drafted set of Terms will:

  • Identify the creative content that your website contains, or that you sell via your website, and
  • State what your policy is for the use, sale, sharing, distribution, etc. of that content (your policy may vary depending on the type of content and the user in question, btw).

Website Terms are easy to put in place, they let folks know upfront that certain uses or interactions with your content are not cool, and they give you some solid ground to stand on when confronting infringers.

Stay tuned for more ways to protect your content, your business, and your profits!