Wills On Demand: April 2018

Sometimes, the inevitable is unexpected. Failing To Plan Your Estate Puts Your Money In The Hands Of The Court – And Can Make Life Even Harder For Those Left Behind. Everyone needs a will – no matter how small or large your estate may be.  

You may have heard horror stories about families that are torn apart when a loved one passes on. You don't want to leave your family in the dark about what you want to have happen to your assets. And putting it in the hands of the court is a nightmare – the wheels of bureaucracy move slowly, and it can bleed money from your estate. But the entire idea of needing a will is scary. It's complicated. So you think you can just keep putting it off. The truth is, you need to get it done – before it's too late. That way, no matter when the inevitable happens, your loved ones will be able to get what they deserve quickly and easily. And the court system won't take it all away in fees. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution….our monthly Wills On Demand™ workshop is exactly what you need!  

Got questions? We’ve got answers

How do I reserve my spot? Just click the “REGISTER NOW” button on this page and you will be taken to the registration page to choose from the open slots. Once you choose the time you’d like, just enter your name and email address and pay the $375 non refundable deposit to reserve your seat. We will send you and a Wills on Demand Questionnaire. The questionnaire should be filled out and returned promptly to allow us to begin working on your document drafts. Cost of Workshop: The normal price for this incredible workshop is $1,500. But I really want to help people – so right now, I'm offering a 50% discount. Just pay the $375 deposit now and another $375 when you walk in the door. That means your total is only $750 – a huge savings. DAY OF WORKSHOP: When you arrive at your scheduled time, you will review your documents, and we will make any changes necessary. Next you will execute your documents before witnesses and a notary, and that's it. You will be done in less than an hour and will have a legally-binding, fully executed estate plan in hand when you leave. How do I know if my estate is "simple" enough? Generally speaking, if your assets are less than $5,000,000, this workshop is probably a good fit. If you are unsure and you have questions, just give us a call prior to signing up and we will guide you in the right direction. Will my estate plan avoid probate? No. All wills in Maryland and D.C. must go through the probate process. But having a will makes the process easier – and much less expensive – for your loved ones.  

I’m married – Is there a discount if both me and my spouse want to attend? Of course! For married couples, there is a 50% discount on the second spouse’s estate plan, so the total would be $1,125 for a married couple. One spouse will be $750 total, the other spouse will be $375 for a total of $1,125. I signed up for a workshop and now I need to cancel - can I get my money back? No. Due to the limited spots and the nature of this service, there are no refunds given for the non refundable deposit. However, as long as you give at least 48 hours notice, we will try to move your appointment to the next month’s Wills on Demand Workshop. If you are unable to come to the next month’s workshop, your deposit is forfeited and you will need to sign up as a new registrant. What do I need to bring with me to the Workshop? Very little! After you register, we will send you a short estate planning form with points to consider and a Wills on Demand Questionnaire with information we need to collect in advance. Please bring your completed form and a valid driver's license, or state ID and form of payment for the remaining balance due on they day of the workshop. Is there anything else I should know before I register? Not much, though you must be a resident of the State of Maryland or the District of Columbia, able to read and write English, and healthy to fill out the necessary paperwork.  

Still have questions? Call us at 301-358-3980 and we’d be happy to answer your questions or register you for an upcoming workshop.  

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